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Norway to Raise U-864 - and Refuses to
Acknowledge this U-boat as a War Grave


As you may know, Norway is planning on raising U-864 as it is leaking mercury.  Several e-mails have been sent to Ms. Helga Pedersen who is the director of the Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs for Norway, the organization that is responsible for raising the U-boat. 


The e-mails to her concerned the fate of the 73 German sailors who are entombed on this U-boat asking what plans, if any, she has for the remains of these sailors. 


Neither Ms. Pedersen nor her organization has offered any comment concerning the crew of U-864. 


Please help by writing to Ms Pedersen (address at left next to her photo) as well as the below individuals:

oslopress@state.gov  (US embassy in Norway; attention Ambassador Benson K Whitney)
emb.washington@mfa.no  (Norway embassy in Washington, DC; attention Ambassador Wegger C Strommen) 
Pictured on the left is Ms. Helga Pedersen, Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs for Norway.
Please e-mail her and demand that the remains of these brave, young sailors be handled with dignity:
If possible please copy me, Admin@karl-doenitz.com on any e-mails sent to Ms Pedersen.  Also, I would like to know if you receive any replies.  Thanks.
Help the Crew of U-864
Please send an e-mail to the below individuals demanding that the crew of U-864 be shown dignity and respect