Doenitz at Rest

Following his death on December 24, 1980, Karl Doenitz was laid to rest next to his wife Ingeborg who passed away in May 1962. Also present at the gravesite is a marker honoring the Doenitz’s two sons who were killed in action during WWII. Peter was killed in May of 1943 while serving on U-954 and Klaus was killed in May 1944 while serving on the German Schnell Boat S-141.

The Doenitz family plot is located in the Aumühle-Wohltorf Cemetery in Aumühle, Germany. This beautiful cemetery is located 34 km (21 miles) east of the city of Hamburg.


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The Aumuehler church next to the cemetery 
The sign at the cemetery entrance
Photos of the Doenitz family plot
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Finding the actual gravesite in the cemetery can be a challenge. Unlike most American cemeteries, the Aumühle-Wohltorf Cemetery is heavily wooded. Even with a fairly detailed cemetery map, it can be difficult to locate the Doenitz family plot. The best way to find the gravesite is to simply ask one of the many caretakers at the cemetery, all of whom know where the grave is located. If you do not speak German, simply say "Bitte Doenitz Grab" (loosely translates to "Please Doenitz Grave"). From personal experience, I felt the caretakers are truly proud to have this great historical figure buried in their cemetery.

Also in the vicinity of the village of Aumühle are several points of interest including the Otto von Bismarck Museum, Mausoleum and Tower.

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