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The below newspaper articles (in PDF format) are associated to and/or reference Karl Doenitz.  These articles were taken from US-based news sources.  Keep in mind that these articles may contain some level of propaganda, which was a common practice for both the Allies and Germany during WWII.
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1940 - 1942
Doenitz Honored
U-boat Crewman Deny Service was "All Volunteer"
130 U-boats Believed Sunk
BBC States 145 Attacks on U-boats in One Month
Reader and Doenitz at Odds
U-boat Captain Captured
U-boats Reach America
Germany Claims 616 Ships Sunk by U-boats
Vast U-boats Attack in the Atlantic
British Victory in the Atlantic
Sharnhorst Sunk
Doenitz Keeps U-boat Command
Doenitz Meets with German High Command
Doenitz: U-boat War to Continue
Doenitz Promoted to Grand Admiral
U-boat Drive Continues
U-boats Facing Defeat
US Navy Hunts U-boats with Helicopters
New Torpedoes Silent & Deadly
Raeder and Doenitz at Odds
More on the U-boat War
U-boat Sinkings Slow
U-boat Efficiency Declines
Over 100,000 Tons of Shipping Sunk
Germany Claims Victory in U-boat Campaign
Ace U-boat Commander Missing
Peter Doenitz Killed in Action
Germany Under Pressure as Allies Press In
Doenitz Honored with Oak Leaves
Doenitz Says Allies Hold Sub Edge
Doenitz Speaks with German Workers
Doenitz Give Speech on Heroes Day
Klaus Doenitz Reported Killed
New U-boat Assault Predicted
U-boat Toll at Low Point
Text of Talks with Doenitz and Other Leaders
Captain Werner Hanke Murdered
U-boats Increase Range of Operations
Doenitz Regime
The U-boat Struggle - A War of Wits
Fighting the Wolf Packs
Doenitz' Message and Order of the Day
Admiral Doenitz in Charge
Doenitz Replaces Ribbentrop
Doenitz "the spur" of U-boat War
Doenitz Designated Successor
Doenitz to Order Surrender of Norway
Doenitz Continues to Fight Russians
Doenitz Orders Surrender
U-boats Cease Fighting
Doenitz Speaks to Germany
Doenitz to Retain Power
Doenitz Tries to Win Allied Recognition
U-858 Surrenders near New Jersey
Regime of Doenitz Ended
Russians Condem Doenitz Treatment
Doenitz; German Regime Dissolved
Doenitz Indicted as War Criminal
The Nuremberg Trials
Doenitz Indited
Nuremberg picked for War Trials
Doenitz Defends Prolonging War
Doenitz to go on Trial
Doenitz Ordered Ships Crews Slain
British Demand Death Penalty at Nuremberg
Doenitz Presents Defense
Admiral Nimitz Supports Doenitz
Athenia Sinking a Mistake
Doenitz Feared US Entry into War
Doenitz Saved Millions of Lives
The Nuremberg Verdicts
1946 - 1980
Christmas in Spandau with Doenitz
Forgotten Prisoners of Spandau
Doenitz Faces Operation
Bonn Asked to Release Doenitz From Prison
Raeder Released from Spandau
Doenitz Ill in Spandau Prison
Doenitz to Get Pension When He Is Freed
Doenitz a Public Figure in Germany
Ex-U-Boat Men Hear Doenitz
Karl Doenitz Book Released
Admiral Erich Raeder Is Dead
Doenitz Attends Raeder Funeral
Doenitz May Be Tried In Wartime Execution
A Reflection on Spandau
Karl Doenitz Dies
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